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The projects includes the Berlin-based artistic residency and the Expedition in Abruzzo (IT). Both have explored the relation between human and environment.

The project ON URGENCY*NESTING is the direct follow-up of the research project and workshop „The Urge of Being“ a training method for performing artists, developed by Daniela Marcozzi in years 2017-2018, during the Master of Arts in Artistic research at Academia Teatro Dimitri (CH).

„The Urge of Being“ is inspired by recent scientific theories of emotions and embodiment and it aims to access the biological core of energy and emotions, channelling and expressing it by movement, voice, text and songs. This artistic practice leads the artists to work in a state of physical, emotional and mental off-balance that has been defined by the author Artistic Survival Mode.

Workshop „The Urge of Being“, Berlin 2019. Ph credits: Sandro Mosco

How our urges can push us to act, to react, to adapt ourselves through establishing an adaptive dialogue with what surrounds us?

That was the main reasearch question of the project ON URGENCY*NESTING, which was conducted during the artistic residency at Theater Expedition Metropolis in 2021.

After a focus group with a team of psychologist, we developed a an anonymous survey that we translated in 5 languages.

We asked: „1) What is the place where you connect deeply with yourself? 2) Can you describe it? 3) Why there? 4) Imagine being this place. How do you feel? 5) What is the urgency of this place? 6) Where do you feel this urgency (where in your body, which emotions, which sensations, etc? 7) Can you use an image or a metaphor to describe what you wrote before? 8)What do you feel ready for, now? 9) If you want… here is some free space.“

Residency at Theater Expedtition Metropolis, Berlin. Ph credits: Pierluigi Muscolino

Rehearsal at Theater Expedtition Metropolis, Berlin. Video credits: Alekos Grammaticos

During the residency we „translated“ the replies into a performance, improvisation scores, music compositions and drawings.

Performance at Theater Expedtition Metropolis. Ph credits: Pierluigi Muscolino